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To the Unloved Daughter

Nd attention a place of personal healing and kindness This simple but life healing book can be read one note a day in one whole sitting or dipped into occasionally as you need to The messages are simple but true and are intended to replace years – even lifetimes – of reinforced negative messag.

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There’s so much that so many daughters have never heard from their mothers from advice to support to compliments to validation to encouragement All the things you longed to hear but never did and never do Perhaps you do not have a mother who is able to say these things to you or perhaps you have.


A mother who won’t To the Unloved Daughter is a daybook of the loving words you need to hear They are designed to be read as if they are said to you by your own inner mother the part of you who is your own wise mother to yourself This wisdom and love is accessible to you through your uietness a.

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    Beautiful messages for Daughters whose Mothers were unable to love them there are many reasons for this

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