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Stories in the Travelman Short Stories series take the reader to places of mystery fantasy horror romance and corners of the universe yet unexplored In turn readers take them on the bus or subway slip them into briefcases and lu.


The Hostage (Travelman Adventure)

Nchboxes and send them from Jersey to Juneau Each classic or original short story is printed on one sheet of paper and folded like a map This makes it simple to read while commuting convenient to carry when not and easy to give.

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Or send to a friend A paper envelope is provided for mailing or gift giving and both are packaged in a dear plastic envelope for display The cost is not much than a greeting cardincluded in the short story collection the Nightma.

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    The Hostage is a short story about the war between Germans and Americans and the law of Hostages if someone were to desert or wasn't physically able to continue the war his family could get killedGeneral Dexter was disgracefully discharged from his position after losing men at some battle I can't really remember the name After couple years he received orders from the Führer that he must defend his country near the Bel

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    This was an assigned read for me and surprisingly uite an interesting short story compared to the majority of stuff I've had to read for school Aside from the fact that I absolutely love historical fiction especially World War II related I must say that the writing style in this novella is simply beautiful The unexpected turnout only added up to the emotional impression Overall enjoyable enough for me to be abl

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