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Ion of CaroliniaThe son of undocumented immigrants Noam has spent his life fighting for the rights of refugees fleeing magical outbreaks refugees Carolinia routinely deports with vicious efficiency Sensing a way to make change Noam accepts the minister’s offer to teach him the science behind his magic. 24 March 2020 Don t touch me don t talk to me don t come near me don t even look at me I have a new favourite book world characters main character couple villian magic system literally everythingNoam lvaro and Dara Shirazi are the best thing happened to me in 2020 so farpic by annettieconfettitumblrcom I don t want you to think I m just like all the others Noam said hesitating there with his hand in Dara s lap and Dara frowning expectantly up at him Dara s fingers loosely curled round Noam s wrist I know you re not Dara said I m not going to fuck you and then just I know I like you and I want I need to make sure you know that because Noam Noam stopped talkingI love how we went from I love you Noam Dara said It was almost pleading I know you don t believe me but it s true I know you And I love you Two weeks ago Noam would have been the happiest person in the world Now those words were poison Noam tasted venom like heat on his tongue So read my mind Noam said brandishing a hand toward his own temple I believe you Dara I just don t care To God You Noam I have to tell you something please I know Noam said He tried to grin but it felt weak He said I love you too And he grasped Dara s face between both hands and kissed him on his shocked mouth Dara didn t resist Dara didn t say a word even when Noam pushed him back and into the car and slammed the door shut behind himNow that I m over fangirling I want to mention how smart the magic system is Basically you have to understand how things work to be able to do that For example if you re a healer you have to study medicine but at the same time you have healing power because you know how the body works And if you study other things you can get other powers It s just so fascinatingLet s not talk about the end I ll start the next book as soon as I can And honestly I feel like I won the lottery because I bought them at the same time Waiting a year would be devastatingDara is my soft child and must be protected at all costs If you dare to hurt him I ll kill you He suffered enough already17 March 2020My baby has just arrivedPlease let it blow my mind If you re interested in the story but don t know if you want to read it or not check out the webtoon It made me obsessed for sure

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In the former United States sixteen year old Noam Álvaro wakes up in a hospital bed the sole survivor of the viral magic that killed his family and made him a technopath His ability to control technology attracts the attention of the minister of defense and thrusts him into the magical elite of the nat. The thing about The Fever King is that it s about so many different things that it s just truly indescribableIt s about a virus that has taken so many innocent lives yet has become a magical blessing for those who survive it It s about moral ambiguity and deciding what s right and wrong for you but also for everyone else It s about identity and trauma and finding your place in a world that is always changingIt s about a boy named Noam and a boy named Dara and what they must do to keep living in a world that demands from them but has only given them painAnd it s also about the horrendously achingly painfully slow slowburn romance that blossoms between them but that s not the point The void from earlier was back yawning wide in Noam s chest Dara felt it too he thought Dara might not have lost his family but he had that same hole inside him They matched I think the most striking aspect of this book though is not its captivating narrative or its impressive writing style or its intriguing setting rather its intricate carefully written portrayal of the complexities of its charactersAll of these characters are arguably morally ambiguous They are figuring out where they belong in the world or in some cases have already decided it and are acting upon it They ve all faced trauma personal and intergenerational and it s affected them all differently The nuance that which this pain is written with is done so carefully Noam a bisexual biracial Latinxwhite Jewish teenage boy who survived a virus that took his family friends and fellow refugees and gained the magic of technopathy from it an activist for immigrant rights and a sweet soft boy who is too strong for his own good Dara a gay Jewish POC celebrity son of the minister who is as much of a jerk as he is alluringly mysterious also my son who has been through too much suffering and deserves some semblance of happiness Lehrer the ueer Jewish minister of Carolinia who s been alive for who knows how long who I secretly or not so secretly hateMore so the gay slowburn romance that blooms in this book is just absolutely thrilling Thrilling in the please kiss already and why does this hurt so much and I have never been terrified for two people waystunning art by bbonsbonssWhile I will admit that I took some time to get into this book once I was immersed in it I was immersed The story moves at just the right pace keeping you on your toes and anxious for what s to come but still keeping you engaged in the present It only helps that Noam s voice is such a delightful perspective to read fromNot only is this an enjoyable exciting story to read however it also tackles important issues such as immigration Some readers have been angered by the inclusion of this as well as the simple existence of ueerness and believe the book would be better without those subjects But I would argue that this book is stronger with these political themes and the existence of these characters are inherently political because of the people who don t want them to be includedNevertheless I found the discussion extremely important and well written and it did not take away or distract from the narrative only added to it As a ueer child of immigrant parents I related deeply to the threads of ueerness and immigration woven throughout the book and I am grateful they were included That was the whole point Governments didn t have to listen to the people until the people made it hurt not to listen uite honestly this whole book hurts because it seems like seeds of pain are sowed in just when you think you ll be okay but the ending of this book for sure overpowers it all I won t say much because I think you all deserve to suffer like I did but I will say this it is shocking it is the ending you wish wasn t perfect but kind of is and it will absolutely destroy youOn that note my initial reaction upon finishing this book was hello 911 yes I d like to report this book for making me want to kashoot myself Frankly I think that reaction still stands There are so many things this book makes me want to kashoot myself over from the characters to the romance to the discussion of political issues but I would still want to read it all over againIf it isn t obvious I truly adored this book and found it not only powerful but enrapturing and enjoyable as well and the amount of appreciation I have for it has no end If you re looking for gay moral greyness and a soul crushing heartbreaking book this one s for youPS I highly recommend giving this author interview a read as well as the extremely heartfelt letter the author wrote about why she wrote The Fever King and how her real life experiences are reflected in this book rep biracial Latinx white bisexual Jewish MC gay POC Jewish LI ueer Jewish major character all ueer cast content warnings violence intergenerational traumagenocide murder abuse sexual abuse statutory rape parental death death of a child mental health and suicide slut shaming ableist language drug and alcohol abuse details hereThank you to for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This did not my affect my opinion in any wayAll uotes are from an advanced copy and may differ in final publication

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Secretly planning to use it against the government But then he meets the minister’s son cruel dangerous and achingly beautiful and the way forward becomes less clearCaught between his purpose and his heart Noam must decide who he can trust and how far he’s willing to go in pursuit of the greater go. I m not going to lie the only reason I decided to pick this book up was for the mm rep which did not disappoint prepare for a lot of angst I honestly didn t know much else about it or what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it It definitely took me some time to get into the story as it did start out pretty slow I found it a bit info dumpy in some parts and I initially struggled slightly to understand some of the world building There was also a fair amount of technological and science talk that went completely over my head Things did make sense as the story went along though and it really started to heat up during the last 100 or so pages Holy shit did it get intense Even during the slower moments the writing and plot still managed to keep me intrigued throughout and I found myself constantly trying to figure out who to trust and what people s motives were The whole concept of the book was unlike anything I ve ever read The idea of magic being a kind of virus that not many people were able to survive was such an interesting take on itMost importantly I actually cared about the characters which really does make all of the difference It was very much a character driven book and I appreciated all of the little moments that went into developing their relationships I really liked Noam as the main character and I found him realistic and uite relatable at times especially when he didn t instantly fit in with everyone else when he first arrived at level IV I loved how he refused to turn his back on where he came from and his passion to strive for change He could sometimes be a bit too blinkered however and there were times when I was frustrated with his character but the reasons behind some of those moments were made clearer as the story progressed I don t think I ve ever felt such a strong desire to protect a character the way I did with Dara The glimpses into some of the shit he went through broke my heart There were just so many layers to his character and I loved him so much There was one character who I m not going to name because it could be a spoiler who was just so well written and complex I did suspect early on that there was definitely something up with them but I really wasn t expecting the extent of it I have a feeling that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of this character and what they are capable of The other characters didn t really play much of a part for me to have any strong feelings about but I did like Ames a lot I hope that the next book gives us development for these characters as well Another thing that I liked about this book was the clever way in which Calix s backstory was introduced via things like letters audio recordings encrypted videos etc I found this much effective than him just simply opening up about everything that he enduredThis book does delve into uite a few heavy topics so that s something to keep in mind before you read it The author does have content warnings on her website but I highly recommend it

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Victoria Lee grew up in Durham North Carolina where she spent her childhood writing ghost stories and fantasizing about attending boarding school She has a PhD in psychology which she uses to overanalyze fictional characters and also herself Lee is the author of A Lesson in Vengeance as well as The Fever King and its seuel The Electric Heir She lives in New York City with her partner ca

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    Me picks up a book with very high expectations and ends up disappointedMy brain slamming fists on table REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRI relish the risk incurred by picking up a book that might inspire love

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    The thing about The Fever King is that it’s about so many different things that it’s just truly indescribableIt’s about a virus that has taken so many innocent lives yet has become a magical blessing for those who survive it It’s about moral ambiguity and deciding what’s right and wrong for you but also for ev

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    ✨ My full review is now up on my blog ✨There’s something about books that make you avoid any and all real li

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    25 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature It’s the 22nd century and North America is divided into several different countries in the aftermath of a worldwide disaster A plague that first hit back in the early part of the 21st century killed ― and continues to kill ― almost every person who get infected with the virus Those few who survive become “witchings” developing a variety of magical powers as a

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    The premise of this book sounded captivating and I couldn’t wait for the author to introduce the romance between the two male characters who basically hate each other but I did not expect this YA story to be so mature The world building is dark Noam works to improve the conditions of refugees by working with government officials and developing his own powers and there are plenty of secrets no one cares to share There’s drinkin

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    24 March 2020 Don't touch me don't talk to me don't come near me don't even look at me I have a new favourite book world characters main character couple villian magic system literally everythingNoam Álvaro and Dara Shirazi are the best thing happened to me in 2020 so farpic by annettieconfettitumblrcom“I don

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    I’m not going to lie the only reason I decided to pick this book up was for the mm rep which did not disappoint prepare for a lot of angst I honestly didn’t know much else about it or what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it It definitely took me some time to get into the story as it did start out pretty slo

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    I had no idea that I need this book in my life until I stumbled upon the synopsis Dang That sounds so intriguing My gay romance radar went on autopilot and my inner ueer faerie is slaphappy lolGuess that's what you call a win win situation XD

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    Was this completely predictable? YesDid I care? Not even a little and that should tell you something about how well written these c

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    This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book Prescription “That was the whole point Governments didn’t have to listen

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