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  • Hardcover
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  • The Bridge Builder
  • Zeev Chafets
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  • 04 June 2019
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    This is the 243 page authorized biography of Yechiel Eckstein the founder and leader of The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews It details the life personal and professional of this amazing and inspiring man Acting upon his beliefs that the common value system of the Judeo Christian heritage could be used to build con

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    As portrayed in an “authorized biography” by Zev Chavets an American Israeli author and columnist Rabbi Yechiel Epstein is a driven courageo

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    In The Bridge Builder we get a glimpse into the life of a devout conservative Jewish man who loves God and who wishes to live by God’s laws and precepts A man who thinks beyond the day to day existence of life as a conservative Jewish man who studies in the traditional Jewish schools and under the tutelage of leaders of their religion He

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    Biography especially this one is a hard one to review well for me it is Why? Sensitive issues Jewish and Christianity Religion say one thing wrong and hell will rain down on you excuse the pun Evangelical Christian and Jewish views run a gamut here and here we go with I am better than the other or you are wrong we are right I am si

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    This book details the life and legacy of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Detailing everything he has accomplished in his life He has done so much already in his life It's easy to tell that he is one of the best people in the world todayI very much enjoyed reading and learning about this Rabbi Eckstein This book is very well written and you really get into reading it and can't put the book down I was very surprised at how much I

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    Interesting look at a man who sacrificed family and friends to work tirelessly for his Jewish people even if that meant getting all his millions from Christians to do it preying on religious beliefs to garner su

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    My ReviewI found this book written by Zev Chafets very educational and well written Taking a stand for God's chosen people b

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    Review by Gila Wertheimer for the Jewish Book Council

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    Disappointing work by Chafets who is an excellent writer Eckstein does not come across as a particularly nice or

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The Bridge Builder

Nding IsraelEckstein founded The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in 1983 to promote cross cultural understanding and build broad support for Israel Soviet Jewry and other shared concerns The Fellowship has grown and thrived over the last three decades raising than 11 billion and is one of the largest 50 NGOs in America today American Christians have become one of Israel’s most reliable so. Interesting look at a man who sacrificed family and friends to work tirelessly for his Jewish people even if that meant getting all his millions from Christians to do it preying on religious beliefs to garner support Where s the Jewish community to help their own instead of criticizing his methods I interviewed for a job with this organization and am glad I don t have to work for him sounds like an egotistical and self important demi god that being said the end result of his work speaks volumes

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Urces of financial and moral supportFew people realize that Eckstein and The Fellowship have done an unprecedented good deed in bridging an ancient cultural gap Renowned journalist Zev Chafets explores Eckstein’s role in this important interfaith evolution showing how an American rabbi made major progress in promoting dialogue cooperation and mutual respect in the face of harsh and unrelenting opposition. Review by Gila Wertheimer for the Jewish Book Council

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The amazing story of Yechiel Eckstein a Chicago based orthodox rabbi who founded the world’s largest philanthropic organization of Evangelical Christians in support of IsraelWhen the Anti Defamation League sent a young Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein to Chicago to foster interfaith relations in the late 1970’s he was surprised to see how responsive Christian evangelicals were to the cause of supporting and defe. As portrayed in an authorized biography by Zev Chavets an American Israeli author and columnist Rabbi Yechiel Epstein is a driven courageous and complex figure He is the founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews a group dedicated to building bridges of understanding between mostly Evangelical Christians and Jews in support for the state of Israel and other humanitarian causesRabbi Eckstein s outreach to Evangelic Christians was groundbreaking and fraught with naysayers and critics concerned about Evangelical Christian motives supporting Israel only to bring on Armageddon and possible intentions with regard to proselytizing Jews Critics and concerns aside no conversions related to the Fellowship have been reported Eckstein has grown the Fellowship into a multi million dollar operation engaged in numerous philanthropic endeavors Who is the man behind all this With a rabbinic legacy and ordination from Orthodox based Yeshiva University Yechiel Eckstein was an unlikely candidate to be a bridge builder between Christians and Jews Biographer Chavets depicts the origins of Eckstein s path which Eckstein terms a divine mission when he is humiliated at his daughter s Bat Mitzvah The presiding rabbi there deemed him unfit to recite public prayer due to his visiting Christian churches in the early stages of his bridge building Chavets chronicles Eckstein s slow rise to success overcoming resistance from the Jewish establishment financial struggles and family disapproval For all the text devoted to his accomplishments it is Eckstein s humanity that is most compelling in the book He seeks approval from a reluctant father He struggles to balance his desire for personal emotional prayer with the demands of being a rabbi on the public stage He longs to serve Israel as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces and not only from behind an office desk From this complex man emerges bold acts like the following In the aftermath of a widely perceived slight from the president of the Southern Baptist Convention about the value of Jewish prayer that does not acknowledge Jesus Eckstein broke away from the voices of consternation expressed by the Jewish establishment and saw an opportunity to engage the preacher with dialogue and understanding As a writer who is also exploring themes of bridge building I found myself appreciating Eckstein the man as much as I do the Fellowship he created I only wonder whether a memoir would have been a better instrument to tell his story affording readers a intimate connection with himEckstein s journey resonates with our own life journeys uoting Genesis he recalls God commanding Abraham to take his son to the land I will show you but he doesn t tell Abraham where it is If we don t yet know where our destiny lies Yechiel Eckstein s story reminds us that it can be on a road less traveled