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Give herself for making a mistake with such far reaching conseuences Especially when Gabe becomes her older son's football coach and she begins to fall in love with the man she nearly destroyedLook for all eight books in Brenda Novak's Dundee Idaho series available now And don't miss her new romantic Whiskey Creek trilogy available from Harleuin MI. As I make my way through the Dundee series I finally get to learn about Gabe and his story I ve been waiting for several book to get to this

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Stranger in Town

The car accident was Hannah Price's fault a few seconds of inattention that changed Gabe Holbrook's life forever destroying everything he'd been or ever wanted to beHe was a man who'd had it all Intelligent handsome talented rich he'd been one of the best uarterbacks in the NFL Now he's come home to Dundee the small town where he was raised but he'. 4 starsDuring the book I was thinking I m really enjoying this and I m eager to find out what will happen in the football game It s not a great book but it fit what I wanted It was not full of cliches and typical overused predictable things like so many other romance novels It was of a real story Good relationship developmentThere was nice tension leading up to the two sex scenes The scenes were not done in detail They were described after the factThis is book 5 in the 8 book Dundee Idaho series Each book can be read as a stand alone but I prefer reading them in order Various characters have small parts in subseuent storiesDATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 304 pages Swearing language strong but rarely used Sexual content two scenes vaguely referred to no details Setting current day Dundee Idaho Copyright 2005 Genre contemporary romance football post divorce

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S a stranger to the people who once knew him Folks think he's bitter and withdrawn; he knows he's just focused on recovering But thanks to Hannah Price there are some things that can't be fixedHannah has been struggling to recover from that fateful night too Unlike Gabe she sustained only minor injuries But she's not sure she'll ever be able to for. Stranger in Town is by Brenda Novak Brenda has done it again with this book She has created a world for the reader to dive into and immerse himself in The characters are very realistic as are the events that they find themselves entrenched in This book is one you don t want to put down as you are determined to find out what happens next Hannah Price had divorced her husband Russ and dreaded the weekends he had with their sons She worried for their safety as Russ was not the most dependable of fathers although he did love his sons This particular night she was even worried as her neighbor said he had loaded his jeep with beer and his survivalist buddies were with him Not to mention that he had taken the boys without her permission and on her time She took out after them to get the boys back before they got into the woods where she couldn t find them It was snowy and the roads were worsening She got behind a slow moving truck and got impatient Finding what she thought was a safe place she pulled out to pass the truck and a car came out of nowhere in front of her She knew nothing as her car plunged off the road Three years later Hannah headed for Gabe Holbrook s house Her son Kevin had told her that Gabe was going to be head coach for the school s football team She needed to warn him about Russ and Coach Blaine as well as to reassure herself that Gabe was not going to hold Kevin accountable for her having caused Gabe to be in a wheel chair three years ago Hannah had ended Gabe s NFL career the night she hit him on the road Although she had apologized to him several times she had to make sure he wouldn t take it out on Kevin Also his promotion on the high school team years ago had knocked Russ out of his position and according to Russ had ruined his life Since Russ was reliving his football career through Kevin she wasn t sure what he would do In addition she had learned that Coach Blaine was extremely upset with Gabe being placed as head coach and she didn t trust Blaine As she approached Gabe s house she wondered what his reaction would be to her coming to see him Was she just stirring up trouble

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    4 ½ starsDuring the book I was thinking “I’m really enjoying this and I’m eager to find out what will happen in the football game” It

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    This book is a keeper The heroine and hero got into a car accident that was so bad the hero temporarily lost all the use of his legs although h

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    Fantastic book I loved it Well written I loved the story plot line It left me breathless I will be reading of her books

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    I think that this just wasn't a good fit for me It was too Womens Lit and not enough fun romance Terrible ex husbands are not something I enjoy

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    Stranger in Town is by Brenda Novak Brenda has done it again with this book She has created a world for the reader to dive into and immerse him

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    What an amazing story and I loved every minute of it Hannah who is divorced with two boys ends up causing the accident that ruins Gabe's care

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    It took me a while to get into this story the first third was a little slow for me mostly because there was a lot of American football stuff which is not my thing but I'm glad I stuck with it It became a lot about the characters after that and I really liked Hannah and Gabe Their's was a mature and believable story I would really give it 45 stars

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    As I make my way through the Dundee series I finally get to learn about Gabe and his story I've been waiting for several book to get to this ;

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    A Stranger in Town by Brenda NovakThis is a perfect read for the football widows out there this Super Bowl weekendHave you ever done s

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    I enjoyed this story of forgiveness and love The story really drew me in I really liked Hannah her two boys Gabe and of course Lazarus I have