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G yarns of The Purple Gang the notorious Detroit mob It is the voice of John Gray the town doctor and soon it’s clear that telling these tales means as much to Doc as hearing them means to BusterIn an era of conformity a disfigured boy tries to move his life forward and an old man grapples desperately with his past the conve. A compelling story of a local community of the 1950s intrigue abounds

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Smoke author Elizabeth Ruth

Rgence of two lives on the cusp will change each of them and the small town world that binds them in ways they could not have imaginedElizabeth Ruth's second novel is a tour de force a potent richly inventive story of identity and transformation of reconciliation between the way you are seen and the truth of who you really are. Exellent particularly the end read it all don t cheat

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In the 1950s in the Ontario tobacco growing community of Smoke a young boy on the verge of manhood is scarred forever A night out with his buddies too much booze and a lit cigarette and Buster McFiddie’s life will never be the same Through the process of healing one man’s voice speaks to him softly to ease his pain spinnin. One Book One Community Waterloo Region 2007

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    This is a book about tobacco wounds and the healing process I love how the Buster is drawn out of his marginalization by the doctor slowly and with great care I love the stories within the storyThis is a book about transformation on many leve

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    I uite enjoyed this book There was enough going on that it kept me entertained but not too much so that it was

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    One Book One Community Waterloo Region 2007

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    To be completely honest I read this book only grudgingly at first I had to fill in a book bingo suare and this one fit the billIt soon won me over The characters are full and complicated and soon I was very interested in the lives o

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    Amazing It’s possible I was seduced by the familiarity of places like Tillsonburg and Norwich Not likely I found much poetry in the tobacco farms It might have been the 50’s I liked so much No Smoke was well put together; it was engaging from the first page The author created believable characters for whom sympathy was effortless The writing was pretty but neither excessive nor intrusive Elizabeth Ruth had something to say and she ma

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    A compelling story of a local community of the 1950s intrigue abounds

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    Exellent particularly the end read it all don't cheat

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    Wow I loved this book I live in the area so I understood exactly where the locations were that Ruth was referring too The en

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    Journey towards self acceptance that goes beyond physical appearance A surprise twist in the book that will be for you to discover