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SUMMARY Pico Solar Electric Systems

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the technology behind the pico solar revolution and offers guidance on how to test and choose uality products The book also discusses how pioneering companies and initiatives are overcoming challenges to reach scale in the marketplace from innovative distribution strategies to reach customers in rural India and Tanzania to product development in Cambodia product assembly in Mozambiue and the introductio.

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Pico Solar Electric Systems

N of 'pay as you go' technology in KenyaPico solar is a new category of solar electric system which has the potential to transform the lives of over 16 billion people who live without access to electricity Pico solar systems are smaller and affordable than traditional solar systems and have the power to provide useful amounts of electricity to charge the increasing number of low power consuming appliances from mobile phones e readers and parking met.

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Res to LED lights which have the power to light up millions of homes in the same way the mobile phone has connected and empowered communities across the planetThe book explains the important role pico solar has in reducing reliance on fossil fuels while at the same time tackling world poverty and includes useful recommendations for entrepreneurs charities and governments who want to participate in developing this exciting and rapidly expanding marke.

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