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characters Past Due Debt Collection #2

S story.

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Past Due Debt Collection #2


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3 thoughts on “Past Due Debt Collection #2

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    I really need to read this book I am totally addicted to Roxie Rivera’s books and truly love her as an author I own every book she has written but I am totally lost with this open hole in my without knowing the full story If I could just get Ana done copy I’ll take anything with just the words as I am a professional at painting my own picture This book cannot fall by the waist side I would not be able to handle tha

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    This couple is one of the couple that you're dying to know about Don't know how much wait I have to do but I need to read this book

  3. says:

    Well according to the back of collateral there's supposed to be a collateral 2 before this one so it would make this the third book either way I can't wait to read it

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