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Opening Worlds Worlds #1

Must return home to domestic obligation and impending marriage lasting romance seems out of the uestion Nevertheless his charm begins to open Jason up and the time they spend together the difficult it becomes to say goodb. Included in the ebook copy of Book 2

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Captain Jason Kim is less than thrilled when the mission log for his merchant starship includes ferrying three male Perels back to their home planet after sowing their wild oats across the 'verse After being burned in his. 35 stars A lovely sweet story about an alien from a secretive planet and a spaceship captain Really enjoyed it

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Last relationship he wants nothing to do with the sensual uill haired creatures It's just his luck that Ferran one of the Perels takes a distinct liking to himFerran is captivated by Jason's aloof nature but for one who. There s a certain charm despite the fact that it s written somewhat stiffly with too much telling to showing Feels like a

About the Author: Cari Z.

Cari Z is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine She has a wonderful relationship with her husband a complex relationship with the characters in her head and a sadomasochistic relationship with her exercise routine She feels like Halloween should happen every month which is why you get this picture of her and hopes that you enjoy reading what she's put out there as much as she enjoyed w

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    35 stars A lovely sweet story about an alien from a secretive planet and a spaceship captain Really enjoyed it

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    This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found thereOPENING WORLDS was a very nice surprise indeed Romance at its best with exuisite characterization and extraordinary descriptions Funny how such a

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    Jason Kim is a captain of a merchant starship which takes on board all kinds of passengers including the mysterious and outgoing alien Perels He's a little less than happy to be taking three of them back to their home planet especially as he's still stinging over the end of a previous relationship However one of the Perels Ferran proves to be different from the others and seeks out Jason's company These two lonely souls find they

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    There's a certain charm despite the fact that it's written somewhat stiffly with too much telling to showing Feels like a new author's first storyI don't uite see what these two see in each other I know they like each other and they are both likable but what's the specific draw for them? But hey I'm willing to go with itNote the cover as shown on GR doesn't match the story It does not take place between two buff loin cl

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    One of the sweetest sci fi interspecies romance novellas ever I was delightfully surprised by how invested I found myself in both Jason and Ferran and their relationship after so few pages And the amount and depth of world building that happened so uickly was wonderfulI actually teared up at the ending which rarely happens in short stories Brilliantly doneIncluding this together with its seuel was a lovely idea I can't w

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    I'm not very fond of futuristic books not that I don't like them it is mostly because sometimes I don't understand themThis was different as it

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    Part of the Wild Passions anthology LOVED this one My favorite in the series I loved the world building the characters and how much was packed into a short story I see there is a seuelwill definitely be picking that one up

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    Cari Z always manages to write such enjoyable reads I really liked this one for it's slow developing romance between Jason and Ferran and I wished there was a bit world building since it was interesting reading what little was revealed to readers

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    Included in the ebook copy of Book 2

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    Review This was an enchanting read with fascinating world building and a charming love storyReviewed for Brief

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