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Nonostante la pericolosità della sua condotta Khalil sa che in lei c’è ualcosa di delicato e vulnerabile da proteggere a ogni costo Rimarranno l’uno al fianco dell’altra ma comprenderanno la profondità del legame che li unisce solo uando a essere in pericolo saranno le loro stesse vite Sensualità bollente personaggi affascinanti e un universo intrigante il nuovo capitolo del Ciclo delle Razze Antic. I wasn t sure what to expect going into this novel It picks up where Serpent s Kiss left off I believe it s the morning after the events that transpired at the end of the book Though this can probably stand alone I recommend reading Serpent s Kiss first This novel is much internally focused than the previous books were While there is outside conflict it doesn t come to play until later in the book Mostly we got to see Grace and Kahlil interacting with each other on a daily basis in a relatively uiet setting I really enjoyed the slow pace of the novel it wasn t a slow read just a slow paced romance We really saw them fall in love which is refreshing from the romances that only tell us a couple has fallenGrace was a strong character and a great counter for Kahlil with his arrogance Kahlil softens toward Grace and her children as the novel wears on and his compassion and tenderness worked to underscore his alpha ness Harrison writes great strong male characters who are well balanced with the softer emotions Another winner This series just keeps getting better

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Oracle's Moon

Al suo fianco ci sarà Khalil un potente principe djinn che ha promesso di proteggere lei e i due piccoli ma che non ha idea di uanto sia complicato convivere con un carattere difficile come uello di Grace Diventato il guardiano della famiglia dovrà difenderla non solo dalle insidie dei poteri soprannaturali ma anche dai guai che Grace sta causando con la sua irriverenza nei confronti delle gerarchie Eppure. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating 455Grace has responsibilities and struggles than any 23 year old should have to deal with Her sister Petra and brother in law were killed in a car crash She was also in the car and suffered extensive damage to her knee that is painful on a daily basis She also became the guardian to her young niece and nephew As if that wasn t enough the Power of the Oracle transferred from Petra to Grace and now she s learning how to control that Power and trying to make sense of it before she starts to be petitioned for consultations And let s not forget the piles of bills and debt she s dealing with Oracle s aren t able to reuest money for their services the belief is they ll lose their powers if they do this however it was known in the past that if you petition the Oracle you pay People don t always never remember this and Grace is struggling to not only pays bills but just getting food on the table is a stretch some monthsWhen Rune and Carling petitioned the Oracle Serpent s Kiss Khalil was also present for the battle that went to down to close their book He took one look at the kids and felt the overwhelming need to protect and be a guardian for them He promised his protection to Grace which for a Djinn is a huge favor and he now has a tie to the house and family Khalil s energy is a thread that Grace can always feel and she also discovered her ability to pull on that thread making Khalil aware of her need of him It s an ability she shouldn t have but that coupled with her new Powers as Oracle make for interesting changes within GraceWhile this story doesn t have the political threads that the previous books do or even much in the way of the Wyr world it s really driven by Grace and Khalil s relationship and her new abilities as the Oracle In the past the Power of the Oracle traveled to a female within the same family upon the current Oracle s death Grace doesn t want her niece Chloe to ever have to deal with the stress and danger of it and she does a lot of testing with this power trying to find a way to change the future course for her and her family Along with this she discovers a new ability that she just stumbles on one that directly impacts Khalil and in the end will have a big impact all the Djinn Grace is also dealing with a radical group that targets her as part of a bigger purpose for them It puts her and the kids in direct danger and helps to further cement Khalil s place in their lives when he helps her get past this threatWhat made the story for me was Khalil I was laughing so much when he tried to understand the human ways of certain things like dating for example He s very literal and has no issues or internal filter with saying exactly what he s thinking He takes his job as protector of Grace and the kids very seriously He bonds with the children instantly and becomes their bedtime story reader a task he is very committed to His own daughter plays a part in this story and it s a source of horrible sadness and angst for him There s that develops for Khalil s daughter as the book goes on and that s the one thing I would have loved to have gotten about We see her towards the end a different person than she had been when Grace meets her at the start and I want to know about her Maybe she ll pop up in a later book hopefully I want to know what it is like to make love to you the way humans do I have never made love to anyone like that before Never She whimpered Make love He ran his hot mouth over her cheek and down her neck Make love he said against the tender skin at the base of her throat I want you to teach me everything you know I want us to teach each other I want you to show me how good it can feel to be skin to skin But right now Gracie He lifted his head and looked down at her gravely Let me show you how I can make love to you Khalil went from being an arrogant self serving favor grabbing being towell still being most of those things but Grace s influence really softened the edges of his personality He has a lot of firsts with Grace mainly because he s never had the desire to experience the things he wants to experience with her As he s normally a being in energy form he wants to experience being with Grace in human form so the first touch of holding hands kissing it s all new to him and his senses fly off the charts As I mentioned above Rune and Carling do make an appearance We find out that Rune and Dragos are still on bad terms and Khalil visits them to give Carling the what for when she forgot to honor the payment to the Oracle after reuesting her services Not only is Khalil able to help take some of the burden away from Grace which she badly needs but he gets a little dating advice from Rune on what to wear during his first ever date When the silence had stretched between the two males for too long Khalil finally said Speak Jeans T shirt Either boots or sneakers Rune said Pay for everything and open doors for her Dating s simple Listen to what she says tell her she s beautiful and make her happy Dating did not sound simple except perhaps for one thing Khalil looked at the Wyr uizzically He said Grace is beautiful That caused the other male to pause For the first time in their spiky acuaintance Rune gave him a crooked yet real smile Dude let her know that with the same kind of sincerity You will make her happy and it doesn t matter what you do You can go to a movie take a walk in a park hold hands go to a restaurant for a meal or to a bar for a drink sit on a beach and watch the sun rise at dawn or stand on your head it s all just variations on the same theme Khalil has never been called dude before He was fairly sure he didn t like itWe don t get much in the build up to the next book which brings us back to Dragos and Pia Grace does have a very strong vision that Dragos learns of It doesn t make much sense now but he does show back up at the end reuesting another consultation with the Oracle for both him and Pia I can t wait to find out what s been going on in their lives and especially how Dragos is dealing with losing two of his top sentinels including his close friendship with RuneI missed a little bit of the play of dynamics in the WyrElder World that we ve come to know during the first few books in the series but I fully enjoyed getting to know Grace her family and seeing her and Khalil fall in love Khalil is strong being but softens around the children and Grace and it was easy to fall into their story There s not a lot in the way of angst or suspense in this one but the strong romance and an especially strong heroine and hero really made this story for me I love this world that Thea Harrison has created and each book has a very different distinct tone which brings the individual characters to life all that much This is another great addition to the series and I m again left wanting and waiting for the next installment

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La sorte del mondo soprannaturale non è mai stata tra le preoccupazioni di Grace Andreas Pur essendo la sorella di un oracolo non ha mai considerato il trascendente come ualcosa che la riguardasse da vicino Fino al giorno in cui la sua esistenza prende un’altra strada sua sorella Petra perde la vita e Grace è costretta a ereditarne il ruolo di oracolo di Louisville e a adottare i due nipoti rimasti orfani. Grace and Khalil He wished he knew how to describe to her how he feltI started counting time for youI want to change who I am for youYou are my GraceHe was too full and there weren t enough wordsHe said I did not know I need grace before I met youThen as she held him tightly he knew that what he said had been enough What not to love about this book There are A powerful djinn who is extremely talented in sex who is protective and good with children A sassy strong willed heroin who is also an Oracle and she does not really like it Two loveable children who need to have a steady well balanced familyWhat I did not like in this book My favourite Dragon Cuelebre s authority is uestioned The so much needed Oracle is not payed enoughThe book have everythingRomance battles sex unuestionable love humour family values survival inspirations Another poweful Elder Race is introduced the ageless djinns who are made of smoke and air and energyDisney should take a few lessons from their descriptions AwesomeThis is one of my favourite books in the series

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    Oh how I loved Khalil's protective instinct It absolutely melted me I enjoyed that this wasn't instant love as Khalil actually unfairly judged Grace at first when he didn't understand all that she went through and did for her niece and nephew The growth between them was related beautifully with distinct changes to both their dynamic as individuals and considering their ever growing powers as well as them as a couple and eventual family Kha

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    Grace and Khalil He wished he knew how to describe to her how he feltI started counting time for youI want to change who I am for youYou are my GraceHe was too full and there weren't enough wordsHe said I did not know I nee

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    If I won one of those multi million dollar lotteries after using a portion of my extensive wealth for good and maintaining my harem of hot men I would throw gobs and gobs of money at Thea Harrison until she agreed to come live next door and wr

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    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating 455Grace has responsibilities and struggles than any 23 year old should have to deal with Her sister Petra and brother in law were killed in a car crash She was also in the car and suf

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    Normally I don't like children predominantly featured in my paranormal books they get in the way of fights action killing times You get the pict

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    Audio Book Review 5 Djinn Loving Stars I originally read this book in March 2012 and again at least once a year since then and just realized I've not wrote a reviewever for this fantastic bookThis is one of my absolute favorite books in the series I absolutely adore Grace young precocious Chloe and baby Max Grace has custody of her beloved

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    While the romance here is lovely and the main dude awesome there is a surprising lack of action in this one and I mean absolutely nothing happens through most of the book one or two intense scenes being the exception I guess I'm used to my P

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    I wasn't sure what to expect going into this novel It picks up where Serpent's Kiss left off I believe it's the morning after the events that

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    There should be djinn romances I mean a lot And not the I Dream of Jeannie borderline cheesy type Djinns are one of the most powerful downright scary types of mythicalfolklore beings out there They are very compelling The djinn culture as presented in this book was so fascinating So you can guess I loved this

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    5 A Whole New World StarsWow It's been almost a full day and I'm still excited that's sayin' something right there folks Ok so the entire time I was reading this book the song A Whole New World from Disney's ALADIN was playing in my head Probably because that movie genie was my go to genie reference before now Now Khalil w

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