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You will have a powerful Gift but it's how you use it that will show you to be good or badIn a modern day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans seventeen year old Nathan is an abomination the illegitimate son of the world's most powerful and violent witch Nathan. fav book of the yeari have no wordsamazingreview soon

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Nslated into 47 languages TIME Magazine calls it highly entertaining and dangerously addictive Kate Atkinson says it's brilliant and utterly compelling London's Daily Telegraph has named author Sally Green the new JK Rowling Discover the story that people all over the world are raving about. I should probably go and wash my face I ve been crying like a baby for the last five minutes now I ll stop crying and get back to writing this reviewOkay so Half Wild picks up where Half Bad ended it continues on with Nathan s life as a Half Code who is hated by pure white witches and wanted dead for being the son of the most dangerous black witch Marcus EdgeI was very scared I ll end up hating this book because it seems like seuels are always worse than the first book However I probably have hatred running through my veins at this point I m a mixture of feelings and the dominate one is totally pain angerThis book was magnificent interesting and intense It was absolutely magical Every part of it was intense I felt closer to the characters and got hurt when they did The writing style was amazing I couldn t put the book down or pass a chapter without commenting poor goodreads on it I was completely absorbed into the story that I tuned everything else outThe characters development was one of the best things about this book And the addition of new characters was what made this book even excitingI don t know how but Sally Green managed to make Gabriel even appealing how can a character be so perfect and so good at continuing to be even perfect I don t know but I ve never read about someone that soft and gentle and beautiful The relationship between him and Nathan grows and develops into something intense and unfair Nathan can be uite selfish when he wants to be and Gabriel is being the lovely petal that he is and goes all you kiss me I kiss you you scratch my back I scratch yours on Nathan but guess what Nathan does uh huhThe lost star goes for Annalise this book was all about Annalise who is the reason why I have cried my eyes out and how she is just a piece of useless Gretchen Weiners I usually like girlfriends but this one was dumb and good for nothing she was just a magnet for bad luck and brought crap upon othersAlso loads of events happened fast at the end while I wanted it to be detailed and slow burned and some characters were unfairly treated I felt bad for someAll in all I m in love with this trilogy so far it s completely meeting my expectations even surprising me with how marvelous it is incredible writing and fantastic plot

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Is hunted from all sides nowhere is safe and no one can be trusted Now Nathan has come into his own uniue magical Gift and he's on the run but the Hunters are close behind and they will stop at nothing until they have captured Nathan and destroyed his fatherThe Half Bad trilogy has been tra. 2012016I will try to re read first two books before the release of third and hopefully write a coherent review OMGOfficially best author ever Now I am just really embarrassed for not keeping it elouent though burns This is what happens when you write a review right after reading a book and don t expect anyone to read it Especially authors I m sorryBut oh my gosh I m so touched 3 I feel weird after this ending OO it was good just To be upset and really WOWed at the same time uh Weird feeling260315SPOILERSIn the middle of the book I was ready to drop to 3 stars but I guess it would be unfair considering I gave worse books 5 stars and this book won me over at the end again I have a lot of thoughtsSo the first half maybe a little over half of the book was amazing When it comes to fantasy books Half Bad trilogy is right after Harry PotterIt is definitely one of my favourite trilogies There are many things that this series have that other YA is missing badly1 Character isn t a Mary Sue2 Character acts badass not says she is badass and then everybody does everything for them3 Characters KILL The protagonists KILLS 4 And then do not weep over it It had to be done and that s it Yeah finally5 This is a story about the bad side with a twistNow everything was going great The story focused on GabrielNathan and we were also introduced to new characters They all grew on me I loved the relationships I loved each character separatelyThere are women there are men and they re all different yet eually badass and interesting They re mature characters They re fun to read No one annoys you Gabriel and Nathan s relationship is one of the most interesting I have read in a while and I ship them beyond anything Their relationship develops beautifully and realistically Here is the thing the problem was not triangle It was simply NathanAnna on their own We spent over 200 pages reading the amazing relationship of Gabriel and Nathan It isn t about Gabriel finding Nathan hot and wanting to hook up with him They love being together They like talking exercising they understand each other trust each other they miss each other Nathan falls and falls deeper into love which he denies hard but in my opinion it is obvious You can see how nicely his feelings develop They just work togetherAnd then Anna makes a come backIt isn t the triangle it is not Nathan whining he does not know who to choose playing with two people at once who are unaware No Gabriel is aware of Nathan s feelings for Annalise and made his choice to go after him anyway Anna is later made aware of Gabriel s feelings Nathan informed both told Gabriel than Anna is his love told Anna that Gabriel is just his friend So it s not a problem The worst thing about triangles isn t thereI d feel awfully bad for Gabriel but he could make his choice he wasn t played with and I d accept AnnaNathan if this was Nathan s fair choice You do not choose who you fall in love withIt also helps that Gabriel knows when to say what he thinks and he does not hide anything He calls Nathan out on his shit BlessThe problem is that NathanAnna is cringe worthy Triangle or not There are in my opinion two reasons 1 After you develop one relationship for over 200 pages and you do it well the readers will get attached So when after 200 pages you suddenly bring that other person back and throw her into a bed with him no one will feel it I hated reading those scenes I do not understand why AnnaNathan like each other They don t even know each other It was only about sorry for the harsh word screwing each other There was no development absolutely nothing made me feel wow they fitAll the time to develop a relationship was given to NathanGabriel I understand why they should be together I get it I see it Them ending up together would make sense and I d be happyAnnaNathan no2 Anna is the worst character Naive princess living in a fairytale like everything that happened did not happen to her WAKE UP GIRL The whole cast is full of really interesting badass guys and women Anna is a 12 year old who does nothing but giggles makes out with Nathan and calls him a prince I don t know who cringed me or Gabriel In such a great setting war blood murders suddenly giggling I love yous giggling and sex There was nothing behind this It made me nearly skip the pages I begged this girl to go back to that deadly sleep It was so out of place Especially since they could not even stop themselves in front of Gabriel And that s nasty Since the beginning there wasn t much to this relationship but liking each other s looks Wanting to make out Being very childish Nathan suddenly naive and putting others in danger for her even though she never prioritised his safety over others and he was hurt because of her No Just no But here is the thing a very personal thought I think that Sally wants NathanGabriel to end up together I think this is why NathanAnna was so bad especially since I read the ending that flashed a new light on the story IF I did not read that interview and get impression from the book I am not sure if I would read the third book Couldn t we have a few less descriptions at least Heh It is just me though you know I take books personally and get too attached so relationships can win or lose me Sally said that she at the beginning had NG together in the first book already but then decided to split their relationship for three books so it won t be boring and well development And well the development is beautiful Them ending up together at the end will result in a fantastic relationship Let s be honest believable relationships aren t a thing in YA This might be first Typical shallow relationship is AnnaNathan without depth just making out giggling Im sorry but it annoyed me so much omg and nothing elseBUTSPOILER SPOILER SPOILERIt actually was proven it does not work Like Gabriel said in other words that relationship is too shallow to work And at the end it was provenHard I can t believe she did that Knowing what they did to Nathan she still prioritised her assholish brothers over him and did THAT Knowing how much he meant to Nathan Sick Once again she prioritised them over him and that in such cruel way In my opinion it clearly showed she does not care for him This is not love He better not forgive her And if they will then consider even a friendship No Enough everybody warned him and the worst happened because of his naivety In a way now I don t hate this relationship so much because it definitely brought a heartbreaking but very interesting plot I just wish there was less description when they were still together you know If this is all going where I think it does one word badass This will be war and I can t wait for it I don t have a problem with crappy relationships if there is a point to them instead of them being treated like they re perfect I love that characters own their pluses and minuses in this seriesGod that ending made me hate her I liked HIM I swore at her At least Nathan had a correct response He better keep it I want to see that That s the thing at least Sally s characters always have correct responses There is no bullshit I hope Nathan s way of thinking won t change It shouldn t be only him wanting to get revenge either so it should be interesting Gabriel will need to bite his tongue to not say told you Nathan deserves to hear it to be fairI found this a faster read than the first and enjoyable Well Nathan was free so the book was not as difficult I had to take breaks from Half Bad because it just hurt to read sometimes It s not a bad thing but I enjoyed less pain here heh And NathanGabriel made me read very uickly NathanGabriel scenes So much love So much yes for characters who DO not just TALK No whining no others doing for them yet them getting worshipped etc etc You know Everybody loves Gabriel and finds him hot I love it He gets love whether Nathan is there or not He wasn t created just to be there for Nathan and that s amazing So yeah just skip through NathanAnna scenes and this is definitely one of my favourite 2015 reads I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER 120215I can t waitI need to find out what s going to happen to Nathan to Gabriel and to them as a relationship LOOK AT THE PERFECT COVER REVEALED TODAY 7072014NathanGabriel relationshipupdated 80814

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    The magic is goneThis is not the seuel I had hoped for when I closed Half Bad last year exhilarated and excited for the next installment I'm

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    fav book of the yeari have no wordsamazingreview soon

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    SPOILER only if you haven't read the first book Who don't ship Nathan and Gabriel? I've never read a novel where the hero ends up with the gay boy in stead of the too perfect heroine I hope this one makes the exception My actual reviewI don't know how I feel about this book I read it and I thought about the unfairness of this world The white witches the bad ones remind me of sexist and racist people in real life and it made me

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    READ #2 Nov 2017You know how you go back to read a book and suddenly remember how much it meant to you?? Hi It's me right now I seriously can't sum up my love for this series It's complex and brutal and so so messy and bloody and MY HEART I think it fell on the floor?? I think I am a small black hole of destructive feelings but oh my god I love this bookNotable Things• I loved it even better the second tim

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    15 StarsA somewhat interesting plot with terrible writing but mostly a chore to read The book starts off with this annoying formattingAnd then it continues at other points throughout the book tooAnd it’s not just the formatting that’s bad I’ve said previously that parts of the first book felt too much like a rough draft the same is true here While whole sections in this book read smoothly others are too unpolished

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    2012016I will try to re read first two books before the release of third and hopefully write a coherent review ;OMGOfficially best author ever Now I am just really embarrassed for not keeping it elouent though burns This is what happens when you write a review right after reading a book and don't expect anyone to read it Especially authors I'm sorryBut oh my gosh I'm so touched 3 I feel weird after this ending OO it was

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Penguin Random House UK Children’s and NetGalleyWell this was another of those books that I should really have read the first in

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    I should probably go and wash my face I've been crying like a baby for the last five minutes now I'll stop crying and get back to writing this r

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    THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MOREI loved the brutality of it I loved the tough decisions the protagonist has to make and that he's not afraid to make themI loved that the main character Nathan understands that in times of war you ha