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Foto de má ualidade um número de telefone e a morada de um website FindTheOnecom Encontra acomNos dias seguintes as fotografias de outras mulheres começam a aparecer no mesmo anúncio e Zoe percebe ue foram vítimas de crimes extremamente violentos incluindo homicídio Com a ajuda de uma polícia determinada. Oh man I am so bummed This is not a good follow up to Clare Mackintosh s debut blockbuster I LET YOU GO I m picky but I loved that book I even added it to my TWISTER HALL OF FAME shelfThe problems with I SEE YOUFirst I figured out the twisty ending VERY EARLY in the book And I m not usually known for that Second the plot was ridiculously unbelievable The entire story is built on a naive idea that stalkers would pay big money to join a website that would do the stalking for them Crazy Yes Third the story is boring Preachy When I read fiction I don t want to be preached to or bored Just don tI see my GR friends are giving high ratings to Mackintosh s third book Let s hope this is simply a sopho slump

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Zoe procura saber o ue está por trás dauele anúncio perverso uma descoberta ue vai transformar a sua paranoia em pânico total Alguém anda a seguir todos os seus passos E Zoe tem a certeza de ue alguém próximo de si a escolheu como próximo alvo Um thriller obscuro claustrofóbico e repleto de volte face. When I first realized that this author had a new book out I uickly snapped it up as I absolutely loved her first novel I LET YOU GO and was totally shocked with that unforgettable major twist Although I have no intentions of comparing the two novels as they are completely different this one just didn t work out as well for meI SEE YOU by CLARE MACKINTOSH is a good mysterycrime thriller that had me engaged entertained and interested enough throughout most of this book to keep me turning those pages but then it lost me somewhere near the end In my opinion there was an unnecessary twist with the reveal that just didn t pan out for me as the reasoning behind it just didn t seem all that realistic to me and I had a sneaky suspicion who the culprit was going to be So I definitely missed out on the shock factor of the final reveal I found the cover and title of this book to be appealing and very fitting which draws you right into this sinister tale of how women are being targeted watched and followed while commuting to and from work on the London UndergroundCLARE MACKINTOSH delivers a slow building suspenseful storyline that is well written and an angst driven read here I couldn t even imagine how scared I would be if I seen a picture of myself in the classifieds for a dating site and was one of the women being stalked and followed like our main character Zoe Scary I SEE YOU is told in three different alternating points of view between Zoe Walker PC Kelly Swift and the stalker PC Kelly Swift was told in the third person and sometimes I found her to be a little confusing when she would be recounting some incidences from her pastTo sum it all up it was an entertaining mostly enjoyable suspenseful steady paced uick and easy read with a twist endingReview written and posted on our themed book blogTwo Sisters Lost In A Coulee ReadinghttpstwosisterslostinacouleecomCoulee a term applied rather loosely to different landforms all of which refer to a kind of valley

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Todas as manhãs Zoe Walker faz o mesmo caminho para a estação de metro espera no mesmo lugar da plataforma e escolhe o seu assento preferido na carruagem sem nunca suspeitar ue alguém a observa Durante uma dessas viagens certo fim de tarde enuanto lê o jornal local Zoe vê a sua cara num dos anúncios uma. this is a fun thriller but it reuires the reader to accept its premise without uestioning its logic and to suspend disbelief like a mofo if you can do that you ll have a good time if you cannot this is not the book for you i can medium do it so while i enjoyed reading this for the rush and the whodunnit of it all there were just certain things i could not look past as a reader it s one of those page turnery books i loved at the time of reading but it s forgettable and a little silly after it s all over it s a psychological suspense novel and it s one whose goal is to take the uotidian and creepify it so the reader is left unsettled and uneasy in a familiar taken for granted part of their daily life this one focuses on the already harrowing experience of public transportation casting a sinister light on the straphanging lifestyle which yes is what The Girl on the Train did but this is completely its own thing although paula hawkins does blurb it because british transportation based thriller writing women gotta stick togetherzoe walker is stuck on a stalled train during her commute home one night forced to read the parts of the paper she wouldn t ordinarily in her desperation for diversion when she notices a photo of herself in a classified ad with no information other than a phone number and a web address findtheonecom naturally confused and concerned once she gets home she tries to get to the bottom of it but the number is a dead end and the site reuires a password her grown children and live in boyfriend don t share her alarm assuring her that the small picture might be of someone else entirely and zoe reluctantly concedes although she is still a bit apprehensive when she discovers that a woman whose picture ran in the same ad space was later murdered her dread grows and she contacts the police who do not take her concerns seriously until the pattern continues and zoe finds herself in real danger the story is split narratively between zoe and kelly swift a detective demoted to smalltime police work after assaulting a rape suspect who has been trying to claw her way back to the big leagues ever since she sees connections between zoe s story and a pickpocketing crime she s been assigned and she insinuates herself into the case thrilled to be investigating real crimes once eager to impress the other detectives and shed her tarnished reputation which does not mean that she s going to play it cool and careful for all the strong contributions she makes to the investigation she also behaves unprofessionally a number of times compromising the case and making enemiesin the tradition of psychological suspense paranoia grows throughout the novel and suspicion is cast on many people close to zoe increasing her anxiety and leaving her with no one to trust many red herrings many tense situations much atmospheric dread and also a ton of implausibilities some of which i will address in spoilertown belowif you are yourself on a stalled train looking for a diversion this is an excellent choice okay that s a bit glib and unfair this is an entertaining book but you really need to avoid uestioning it or you re just going to get yourself into a tizzy it s worth a read but it s not changing the psych suspense game or anythingmy gripes follow and they are spoilery so don t ruin the book for yourself by clicking okayview spoiler the book wants you to accept that there are tons of lazy men out there who are just waiting for the opportunity to become a murdery rapist and are willing to pay for that opportunity but don t have the discipline to choose and stalk a victim on their own even taking the criminal element out of the euation this business plan makes no sense is it that hard to meet a lady in the traditional setting of a bar or a club or even on an online dating service where women are actually looking for a suitor because judging by the women that were chosen to be unwittingly drawn into this scheme many of them weren t even available for a relationship and i m not sure how knowing a stranger s commuting details gives anyone an advantage in making a connection life isn t a rom com and i would never accept the advances of a stranger who approached me on the subway that s just urban sensibility 101 so if this was intended to be a dating service without turning into what it turned into the subjects were poorly chosen none of these men are going to want their money back when they discover that their targets are in long term relationships what is it they re even paying for how hard is it to find a pretty girl and track her movements yourself and maybe i m just ruined by the unpredictability of the new york subway system but there ain t nothing certain about my daily commute every day is an adventure of when will the train come and how crowded will the platform be and which car will have the unbearably smelly person with no pants on lying down across the entire bank of seats you take what you get and there s no pattern to my commute other than the line direction and the general time and even that is fairly flexibleonce the service became criminal the business plan makes even less sense now both parties are relying on the discretion of strangers to cover up their crimes the men are trusting an anonymous service to cover the tracks they ve left in downloading the details of their particular woman and the service itself is trusting the men not to blab to their friends neither of these are smart trust falls and putting pictures of real women in the paper is bananas obviously someone s going to see themselves or someone they know and start trying to get to the bottom of it none of this makes any sense to me but granted it does make for a gripping tale as far as the whodunnit reveal that prickles another of my pet peeves the perfect villain syndrome yes i can accept that there are sociopaths out there who are passing able to blend in without those closest to them knowing that they re one bad day away from being murdered but really having two villains here who are both super close to their victims plural to include katie and the mask never slipped even once to go from dinner party to knife stabby in a heartbeat just seems implausible to me people have tells and if they want you dead literally you will usually know italso murder seems a punishment a bit disproportionate to zoe s supposed crimes not to mention all the other victims who were guilty of absolutely nothing i find it hard to fathom that a woman would be down with dispassionately setting up a bunch of completely innocent women to be murdered or sexually assaulted even with the winky who me of plausible deniabilityand a minor point but zoe s boss getting angry about her terrified reaction when he reaches across her sleeping body to undo her seat belt when he is driving her home knowing what she s been going through is completely baffling even if she wasn t already in a state of fear over the threats she d been experiencing it s completely bananas that a man she s not even particularly close to would think it was okay to do that and to then get offended at her outrage and confusion that s a pretty intimate gesture and a hell of a thing to wake up to a grown ass woman can unhook her own seat belt and it was an invasive and unnecessary gesture was it meant to be a time saver bizarre this is the kind of thing that bothers me as a reader the only reason it s in there is to cast suspicion on him and it s an inauthentic situation in any real world scenario hide spoiler

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    Turns out it might be harder to write a second novel than a debut I’ve actually heard uite a few times now that second books can be a beast Clare Mackintosh even takes the time to mention that in the acknowledgements of this book I imagine it's even so coming off of a debut as heart pounding and impressive as I Let You Go Naturally that’s where my thoughts went—would Ms Mackintosh be able to emulate the shock value and sheer brillian

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    this is a fun thriller but it reuires the reader to accept its premise without uestioning its logic and to suspend disbelief like a mofo if you can do that you'll have a good time if you cannot this is not the book for you i can medium do it so while i enjoyed reading this for the rush and the whodunnit of it all there

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    Thank you to Netgalley and Little Brown Book Group for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest reviewOMG Towards the end of this book I felt as if I was standing on the edge of a precipice my stomach chasing butterflies a

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    Clare Mackintosh wrote a 'timely' psychological grabber and crime chiller In the near future most people will live in a total surveillance state which for some people breeds fear of conformity and stifles free self expression This story clearly opens our eyes to the fact that we are living in a fishbowl Governments and large corporations have spread cameras microphones and other tracking devices all across the globe and they also have the

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    Oh man I am so bummed This is not a good follow up to Clare Mackintosh's debut blockbuster I LET YOU GO I'm picky but I loved that book I even added it to my TWISTER HALL OF FAME shelfThe problems with I SEE YOUFi

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    I was so mindful of reading this book I have come across authors debut novels that have really made an impact on me then their subseuent book has fallen flat so I opened this with trepidation but I need not have feared because this author has a talent Yep a real talent that just comes through this book immensely She has done it again she ha

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    Guess who I am I SEE YOU but you DON'T see meIn Clare Macintosh's new mystery thriller danger is always lurking around the corner and 'someone' is always watching as fear overtakes Zoe Walker's everyday lifeWith stalkers and thievesrapists and murderers bits of clues here and there kept me guessing and anxiously turning the pages to find the perpetrator of the deadly scheme; but then at what should have been

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    When I first realized that this author had a new book out I uickly snapped it up as I absolutely loved her first novel I LET YOU GO and was totally shocked with that unforgettable major twist  Although I have no intentions of comparing the two

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    I found this book really hard to put down especially the second half which I lived and breathed until the very last page I’m sure this thriller made my heart stop beating not once but twice having to briefly stop reading in order to catch my breath I can feel my heart racing just thinking of a couple of specific momen

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    3 stars I can't bring myself to give I See You 4 stars There were a few too many things that bugged me But it's definitely a tad higher than a 3 star read I See You starts with middle aged mother of young adults Zoe seeing a photo of herself in the dating service section of a newspaper She ends up in contact wit