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Parts of the country during the late 60'searly 70's There is even a rare interview with legendary pimp turned author Iceberg Slim in this book Out of this experience has come one of the most fascinating journeys into a secret culture ever writte. this book was given to me by a co worker mostly as a joke i did read most of it though and it was actually uite fascinating it started off as someone s thesis as they explored the world of black pimps in SF in the 70s while parts of it were hard to read due to the apparently inherent misogynistic undertones of the pimp philosophyway of life it was certainly interestingentertainingeducational

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Black Players The Secret World of Black Pimps

Originally published in 1973 Black Players was the first book to do a thorough examination of the urban pimp culture Social anthropologists Richard and Christina Milner were allowed access to the secretive and controversial world of pimps and pro. To validate flawed sociological dogmas such as cultural determinism and feminism generations of anthropologists have ventured into deserts jungles and other remote dangerous and inhospitable corners of the globe in an effort to discover or if necessary fabricate the existence of a society in which traditional western sex roles are reversedThe enterprise has proved singularly unsuccessfulHowever back in the 1970s Milner and Milner two American anthropologists discovered precisely what their colleagues have been searching for in vain right in America s own backyard or rather America s own backstreetsThis was the underground subculture of pimps and hos where Women are the economic providers whereas a man may spend hours a day on his hair clothes and toilette while his women are out working to support the household p5Other features of the pimp lifestyle at odds with mainstream American culture include the prevalence of polygyny with households often composed of a single pimp and several prostitutes p5Interestingly this family structure and pattern of economic activity parallels that still prevailing in much of sub Saharan Africa where polygyny is ubiuitous and women are self supporting and perform most agricultural labour Draper 1989One controversial interpretation then is that African Americans are recreating in America an approximation of the mating system and economic system of their African ancestorsMale Dominance and Pimp PhilosophyOf course although women are the economic providers and pimps concerned with their clothes and appearance in one crucial respect conventional sex roles appear to be not reversed but rather accentuated in pimp cultureMale dominance the Milners make clear was complete and unuestionedHowever pimp philosophy the worldview passed down among pimps from mentor to student and described by the Milners in detail raises serious uestions about whether this too in some respects represents a reversal of the sex roles apparent in mainstream society and whether in suare society it is indeed men who are really dominant see also The Myth of Male PowerThus according to the pimp philosophy White men and suare blacks are thought to be pussy whipped by their wives after having been brain washed by their mothers to accept female dominance as the natural order of things Most families today are controlled by women who direct the goals and manage the money by withholding sexual favours p161It is indeed the case that while men work longer hours and earn money than women women are known to control the vast majority of spending decisions For example according to marketing research women make approximately 88% of retail purchases in the US Pocketbook Power p5According to the black players suare husbands are pimped by their wives every bit as ruthlessly as street prostitutes by being obliged to earn money and financially support their wives in return for sexual accessThus according to pimp philosophy The highest level of prostitution is the wife p221 Whether the men want to admit it or not every woman is a ho regardless of what the status is housewife nun prostitutes whatever you want to say The Housewife gets longevity you know She get the vacation every year she gets the security with the fella on the twenty five dollar a year job Vacation every summer the golf club country club p227Interestingly this view of male female relations directly converges with that of anti feminists such as Esther Vilar as expressed in books like The Manipulated Man and the delightfully subtitled Sex Ploytation How Women Use Their Bodies to Extort Money from MenFor example one pimp describes how wives bear children only because She knows once she has one or two babies she s gonna have him locked down tight and even if he leaves she can still get four or five hundred dollars a month in maintenance payments if he s making any kind of money p227This parallels Vilar s description in The Manipulated Man of offspring as hostages used like hostages kidnapped in order to make a ransom demand to demand additional monies from the unfortunate father His wife is pimping him see She gets him to get up every morning cooks his breakfast to make sure he s good and strong gives him his vitamin pills and everything hands him his little briefcase you know so he can get out there and get the buck so she can go play bridge go get her hair done understand p229The pimp ho relationship is then directly analogous to the relationship between husband and wife only with the gender roles reversed Thus in the endnote to chapter one the Milners approvingly uote sociologist Travis Hirschi as observing The similarity of the pimp prostitute relationship to the husband wife relationship with the economic roles reversed is too obvious to overlook p285 Hirschi 1962The process of socialization and indoctrination begins early according to the pimps Thus the Milners report that Whereas several pimps asserted that pimping comes from Black men being supported by their mothers as kids and deciding to continue the arrangement Most pimps believe that they were raised by their mothers not to be pimps but to be tricks Trick marriage is seen by the pimps as a man s servitude to women in exchange for her pussy p174 5Thus since it is mothers who are responsible for most childcare they indoctrinate their sons from infancy to accept trick marriage and female dominance as the natural normal and healthy state of affairs She is from the time you are a kid understand giving you a certain set of values which in reality is a woman s set of values She is brainwashing you to the extent of how to treat a woman p176As a result of this indoctrination If you are a boy say twelve years old and you see Mom and Dad fighting you naturally come to the defense of Mom because from the time you were young she s the one who changed your diapers bathed you made sure that you were clothed and shoed and everything else so you naturally come to the defense of Mom And you forget entirely the fact that it was Dad was the one who made the money that put her in the position to do all these things in the first place So when you become a man and encounter a woman you automatically accept the values which were taught to you there p177This again parallels Esther Vilar s contention that Men have been trained and conditioned by women not unlike Pavlov conditioned his dogs into becoming their slaves The Manipulated ManThus Vilar observes The advice a mother gives to her teenage son going out on his first date is a good example of woman s audacity Pay the taxi get out first open the door on the girl s side and help her out Offer her your arm going up the steps or if they are crowded walk behind her in case she stumbles so that you can catch her Open the door into the foyer for her help her out of her coat take the coat to the cloakroom attendant get her a program Go in front of her when you are taking your seats and clear the way Offer her refreshments during the intermissions and so on The Manipulated ManAs a conseuence of such early indoctrination even one otherwise resolutely red pilled pimp acknowledged There are things in me right now that I can t help that have been conditioned over a period of time I do things automatically you know I open doors for old ladies and if I go through a doorway and hesitate and let the woman go first p177Thus whereas the family structure of the ghetto has on account of the prevalence of female headed households and absent fathers been characterized by sociologists as matriarchal black players suggest a nuanced interpretation Although the ghetto leans towards matriachy players admit it isn t as all pervasive or as smoothly functioning as the White matriarchy of the majority For the White man is not even aware that he lives in a matriarchy while Black men are becoming sensitive to being pimped by both White society and their own Black women White men like Samson are still sound asleep and unaware that Delilah has cut their hair p171Indeed the analogy with Red Pill Philosophy and the Men s Rights Movement is all but explicit Woman s liberation movement is not revolutionary say the players What would be truly revolutionary would be the liberation of men p227However the black players are capitalists at heart and hence reject all political liberation movements including not only women s liberation but also black liberation In this the pimp expresses a common ghetto sentiment Fuck Black power and White power I believe in green power p223Thus the Milners recount one anecdote of how When a militant black man in the bar loudly proclaimed I m gonna get my piece and shoot all the whiteys another player replied Don t do that brother Shit you gonna take all my business away p237The same would apply to the liberation of men After all according to pimp philosphy it is only because So called normal and moral marriage is aberrant that many husbands pay hos for sex they cannot get at home which pimps point to as the final degradation of the American male under the heel of the almighty btchy American wife She not only doesn t give him what he is paying for but forces him to go out and also pay some other woman if he wants sex Often he pays another woman only to have a shoulder to cry on because the wife loses respect for a man she can dominate and is unhappy in her unnatural unwomanly role as boss p175Thus the Milners envisage one pimp commiserating with the henpecked husband but then rationalizing But of course I wouldn t have it any other way trick Because without you and your fcked up illusions without your fcked up sex life I d be out of business tomorrow p251Pimp Philosophy Evaluated Pimp philosophy is certainly illuminatingIt is over undoubtedly insightful than feminist theory which represents the dominant paradigm for understanding the relations between the sexes among social scientists the mainstream media the academic establishment politicians women s rights activists and other such professional damned foolsIndeed although they never uite go so far as to endorse it the Milners themselves are nevertheless clearly taken by pimp philosophy They acknowledge Once the world and particularly the relations between the sexes is viewed from a black player s vantage point things never again seem uite the same p243Indeed according to the Milners this is hardly surprising Like the sociologist and anthropologist pimps and hustlers depend for their livelihood on an awareness of social forces and the human psyche but whereas the social scientist rarely applies his knowledge directly and so has far leeway than the hustler or the pimp in being wrong before he is out of a job p242In other words whereas feminist sociologists and anthropologists like themselves are insulated in universities behind ivory towers at the taxpayer s expense and can therefore can hold fast to their flawed ideological dogmas with blind faith notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary the pimp s sociological analysis is subject to ruthless falsification at the hands of the market forces beloved of neoliberal economistsHowever in claiming that male dominance is the natural state of humanity pimp philosophy seems to me to have taken a wrong turn According to the pimps male dominance is the natural and harmonious order of mankind and this was disrupted only when according to pimp mythology an ingenious reinterpretation of biblical mythology Adam gave in to sexual temptation and was tempted by Eve to bite into the forbidden fruit ie paying for sex thereby becoming not the first man but rather the first trick 168 70 p259 60Therefore according to the pimps as a result of this decision to bite into the forbidden fruit most men are no longer real men and pimps themselves represent The only real men left in America today p162However viewing male dominance as the natural and harmonious order of mankind necessarily begs the uestion If as pimps contend male dominance is so natural and harmonious why then is it found today only among a small and exclusive subculture of pimps What is why even among pimps is it maintained only by levels of violence and of self control on the part of pimps far greater than that typically apparent in suare relationshipsHowever the real flaw in the pimp perception of male dominance as the natural and harmonious state of nature lies in the nature of the pimps own dominance over their prostitutesAs the Milners observe Although the Book ie the unwritten code of how to pimp passed from mentor to student provides a blueprint for a male dominated society and a rationale for wrestling all control over men from women ironically this condition is achieved by making women s full time occupation the control of men who are outside the subculture p48In other words the pimp s exploitation of his women relies and depends on those women s exploitation of other men A ho is both pimping off her customers and is being a trick ie being pimped by her man p213The Book provides then not a blueprint for male domination throughout society but rather a blueprint for domination by a necessarily small subset of men an exploitation both of women ie the prostitutes whom the pimp controls but also indirectly of other men ie the clients of these prostitutesThe pimp survives then not only through the exploitation of women but also fundamentally by the vicarious exploitation of other men namely the prostitutes clients or aptly named tricks Sweet Jones a character from Iceberg Slim s Pimp The Story of My Life summarised the point A pimp is really a whore who has reversed the game on whores So Slim be sweet as the scratch no sweeter and always stick a whore for a bundle before you sex her A whore ain t nothing but a trick to a pimp Don t let em georgia you Always get your money in front just like a whore Slim 2002 xxiCuriously the Milners claim to have interviewed Iceberg Slim alias Robert Beck n e Robert Lee Maupin However Beck without mentioning them by name denies this in The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim p200 where he accuses the Milners of cultural appropriation and stealing black culture Iceberg Slim The Lost Interviews With The Pimp claims to include this mysterious interviewOn this view with their characteristically feminine concern for clothing hair and hygiene and their ability like housewives to leech off the income of their sexual partners pimps represent not so much as they themselves contend the only real men in America today p162 but rather second rate female impersonatorsReferencesDraper P 1989 African marriage systems Perspectives from evolutionary ecology Ethology and Sociobiology 101 3145 169Hirschi T 1962 The professional prostitute Berkeley Journal of Sociology 7133 49

Summary Black Players The Secret World of Black Pimps

Stitutes Black Player guides the reader through every aspect of this unfamiliar world allowing the Players to describe themselves and the rules of the game in their own words The Milners interviewed many of the top pimps in the Bay area and other. Oof it took a while cause ive been readin sum books This book is blak asf It thought me bout the game and how to cop hos and play trics ya dig Lit asf but err body plays it different

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    To validate flawed sociological dogmas such as cultural determinism and feminism generations of anthropologists have ventured into deserts ju

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    Oof it took a while cause ive been readin sum books This book is blak asf It thought me bout’ the game and how to cop hos

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    this book was given to me by a co worker mostly as a joke i did read most of it though and it was actually uite fascinating it started off as someone's thesis as they explored the world of black pimps in SF in the 70s while parts of it were h

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    This is a very good picture of the subculture The authors are a little to friendly with the pimps and prostitut

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    Black Players provides a detailed socio anthropological view of The Life with an insiders narrative

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