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Ty courage and fearsome skills not to mention Guts' enormous broadsword are just what Midland needs to turn the bloody tide but during the fray Guts and Griffith's most trusted lieutenant Casca fall together from a cliff into a raging river Miraculously both barely survive and Guts tends to Casca's wounds as she tells. My boyfriend loves this series Came in great condition

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Berserk, Vol. 7

Of having her life saved by Griffith her induction into the Band of the Hawk and her deep feelings toward Griffith She even seems to finally be warming up to the grim Guts But this greeting card moment won't last long for Chuder warriors are on the prowl and the only greetings they carry are on the points of their spea. Item arrived on time and as described Thanks

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Two feudal kingdoms Midland and Chuder battle for supremacy in what will become the final clash in a century long struggle Spearheading the Midland forces is the Band of the Hawk a legendary cadre of elite mercenaries led by the charismatic Griffith and with the fearless Guts as its berserker champion The Hawks' feroci. My kids loved it I would recommend to any family they are 6 and 7

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    My kids loved it I would recommend to any family they are 6 and 7

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    Berserk, in the previ

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    hell yeah

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    As a Berserk fan, you need this volume.

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    My boyfriend loves this series. Came in great condition.

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    This novel can be summarized by one word "Action". The novel depicts one of the best battle sequences in the series. The aftermath is a mound of flesh forged by a hundred bodies of soldiers defeated by guts. After the action however we get a glimpse of the deep philosophy that guides the series, and a peek at gutts place in the world and in the band of the hawk. If your this far into the series chances are that you are already hooked, so n

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    I Love this Manga. It is a Masterpiece and I love the art.

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    It's a great series you should definitely read all of them

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    Item arrived on time and as described. Thanks.

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    Amazing quality, Id buy again
    Also amazing book/Manga. :)

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