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From the New York Times bestselling author of Lionheart comes the dramatic seuel telling of the last dangerous years of Richard Coeur de Lion’s life   This long anticipated seuel to the national bestseller Lionheart is a vivid and heart wrenching story of the last event filled years in the life of Richard Coeur de Lion Taken captive by. I don t think it s any secret that I m a huge Penman fan or Penmenian as Jerelyn has coined it and I was thrilled to spot this on the Vine newsletter and get an early shot at itThis is a difficult book to review since those who are familiar with Richard s history don t need another rehash and those fresh to the story don t need me spilling the beans And trust me there are plenty of surprises to be had even for those who think they know about Richard being held hostage and his troubles with the French king and his younger brother JohnThat pretty much leaves me to discussing my reading experience and all I can say is wow I was gripped on the first pages with the cat and mouse came of getting home from crusade and trying to avoid the snares set to capture him While I was aware that Richard had spent time in Germany as a hostage there was much to the story and I was fascinated watching how that experience changed him and how he interacted with others in his life especially his marriage to Berengeria I loved his sarcastic nature he gets some of the best dialogue when it was directed towards younger brother John and Philippe Capet the French king And speaking of Richard s younger brother John some of my favorite moments were the family Christmas celebrations and watching him trolling the room for gossip and mischief I so wish I could uote some of it It doesn t get better than thatWhile this book is a follow up to Lionheart IMHO it can be read as a stand alone and another thumbs up to the author for getting the reader up to speed on previous events without the use of tedious info dumps I also appreciated how Raimond was used to get the reader up to speed with the Cathar religion and why the Catholic church was so set against it There is a fairly large cast of characters my copy had a reference sheet at the front and I recommend using it My knowledge of the Holy Roman Empire is pretty poor and I did need some help trying to keep track of some of the minor players especially when the names were similar Once things moved back to Normandy and Richard s efforts to regain the lands he d lost I was hooked until the very last pages These are strictly my opinions I m expressing but I didn t see Richard as a glorified romantic hero I found this to be a very well rounded fair look at a very complicated man and kingAs for the ending Knowing Richard s history there were things I knew would happen and was prepared for and I can t say but I will say that I have not had to put a book down and have a good cry since I read The Reckoning the last in her Welsh trilogyIt may be only early February but I m still willing to call this one of the best reads I ll have all year One final note if you are torn between purchasing the physical book over a digital version I d recommend the latter The book is a huge doorstopper and my dodgy elbow took a beating trying to hold it up Plus the cat was a bit put out book and cat could not fit on the lap at the same time and the little darling does love her lap time

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A King's Ransom

The Holy Roman Emperor while en route home in violation of the papal decree protecting all crusaders he was to spend fifteen months chained in a dungeon while Eleanor of Auitaine moved heaven and earth to raise the exorbitant ransom But a further humiliation awaited him he was forced to kneel and swear fealty to his bitter enemy For the. This is the first Sharon Kay Penman book I have read and I am simply astounded by it I have never read an author who packs so much history into a novel and it is so readable and easy to understand There is a large cast of characters as Kings often move in large groups of people and yet I was able to keep them straight I did not have to refer to a cast of characters chart if it had one my copy did not or make notes to keep track of the players That in itself was an amazing feat Still it was the story itself that was the star I now know about Richard the Lionhearted than I ever conceivably thought I would He was portrayed as a man with faults and warts and it made him come alive for me He was an impatient man who liked war than anything else He found love and ruling his Kingdom as obstacles to overcome so he could pursue his passion of making war The story starts with him leaving the Holy Land with Jerusalem unconuered and on his way back to England Along the way he is captured and ultimately made the prisoner of the Emperor of Germany Apparently troubles between England and Germany started way before WWI Imprisonment was a torture Accustomed to having his word obeyed instantly he is now subject to his jailers At one point he was even shackled an even unheard of for a King and a Knight on a Holy Crusade Eventually through ransom and interventions he is released and sets off to make war This time he is fighting the King of France to regain his lands he lost through his imprisonment He makes a lightening visit to England but is soon back to France to continue fighting Richard doesn t really waste time trying to rule England He views it as an ATM The women are very interesting Richard is surrounded by strong women including his mother Eleanor and his sister Joanna I have to confess that I saw Katherine Hepburn s face every time I read about Eleanor I guess I ve seen Lion in the Winter too many times but it was really comforting The women though strong willed were just chess pieces in the matrimony field so it was great to see some happy marriages I really enjoyed Joanna and the Count of Toulouse s relationship It was uite a delight I found this a fascinating book It s long 657 pages but it is one that I don t think could have been edited for length There was no filler or padding just great historical information I plan to read of her books I highly recommend this one but I have one caveat If you have a Kindle buy it on that My arms just got tired holding that heavy book

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Five years remaining to him betrayals intrigues wars and illness were ever present So were his infidelities perhaps a pattern set by his father’s faithlessness to Eleanor But the courage compassion and intelligence of this warrior king became the stuff of legend and A King’s Ransom brings the man and his world fully and powerfully ali. Sharon Kay Penman s Plantagenet series concludes with A King s Ransom giving us a meticulous recounting of the final seven years of Richard I of England s life It highlights his capture in Germany on his way home from the Holy Land crusade the wars he waged with his brother John and the French king to reclaim the Normandy lands he lost from their duplicity the castle he built that was not only formidable but was the most expensive fortress at that time and for all of his heroism and larger than life existence the tragedy that befell him and led to his rather anticlimactic death in 1199This book gives us a vista of Richard who is not impervious to vulnerability and torment After painting him as a glorious fighter and great military strategist in Lionheart we see him here coming to terms with his personal ghosts that are primarily brought about by his incarceration While Miss Penman could not claim credence that King Richard truly suffered from trauma she has explored the possibilities enough to let her imagination stream along the events leading to his capture and allows him to hark back to that harrowing prison experience from time to time And as we are shown a glimpse of his fragile side Miss Penman ensures that he lets his warrior s instinct take over and confront his internal struggles every time which I think is a true and defining character of his I admire his bravado and wit and the way he had turned several checkmate moments into his advantage when everyone thought he was already on the losing side I specifically enjoyed the incident when he cleverly lawyered for himself against several unwarranted allegations thrown at him in Heinrich s imperial court and won not only the Germans admiration but also the allegiance of some of themThe author has also incorporated a few snippets of some of the relevant events already discussed in her previous books probably to give a recap of those past events to her zealous readers or serve as a helpful guide to those who haven t read the series yet At any rate the history pep up gives this particular book an independentstandalone feel that can make the readers follow through with the story easily should they decide to skip the first books in the series although it is still highly recommended to start with book 1 When Christ and His Saints SleptJust like with her other books Miss Penman deserves all the accolades for the exhaustive research she has made in A King s Ransom She has clearly put a lot of time effort and heart in this book to have it translated into a seamless narration of this particular spot in England s history She has also utilized this novel to discredit unfounded facts that have long permeated several bygone and contemporary chronicles such as King Richard s gender preference and the intrigues surrounding the life of Count Raymond of Toulouse For someone who has relied too much on Wikipedia and Google for historical points to ever think them false ie Lady Joanna fleeing from her unhappy marriage with Count Raymond per Wikipedia it was a relief to know that Miss Penman s comprehensive research has allowed her readers to have another version of these dubious information and weigh in the merits of her reasoning through her Author s Note I always look forward to the author s postscript whenever I read historical fiction because it is where the author can be candid and personal with hisher opinion as a spectator of history and where she can discuss anything significant in a long winded approach On the whole A King s Ransom is a masterful representation of how colorful and extraordinarily impressive Richard the Lionheart s life had been I enjoyed the remarkable journey back to his time Miss Penman had me actually fangirling over Henry II Richard I and the rest of the Plantagenet folks that I m not uite sure I m ready to let go of them just yet In the meantime I comfort myself listening to this ballad Ja Nus Hons Pris which King Richard had composed during his time in prison and which one lovely interpretation Miss Penman has included in her Author s Note It is sung in French and as I m not familiar with the language I can only hope that Google has provided me with a reliable English translation of the song

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    This is the first Sharon Kay Penman book I have read and I am simply astounded by it I have never read an author who packs so much history into a novel and it is so readable and easy to understand There is a large cast of characters as Kings often move in large groups of people and yet I was able to keep them straight I did not have to refer to a cast of characters chart if it had one my copy did not or make notes to k

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    Sharon Kay Penman’s Plantagenet series concludes with A King’s Ransom giving us a meticulous recounting of the final seven years of Richard I of England's life It highlights his capture in Germany on his way home from the Holy

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    Ms Penman has done an admirable job of telling the story of the last years of Richard I’s life In this volume the author tells Richard’s story starting with his shipwreck off the Balkan coast as he is returning from the 3rd Crusade and follows Richard and his family thru to his death and ends with the death of his mot