The Victorious Blood by Hussin Alkheder

The Victorious Blood by Hussin AlkhederEnter for a chance to win one of 10 copies of The Victorious Blood by Hussin Alkheder!
The Victorious Blood portrays a bloody epic which is over thirteen hundred years old. It took place in Karbala, a small town on the bank of the Euphrates river in Iraq. It was between the grandson of the prophet of Islam, al-Hussain bin Ali, who commanded an army that did not exceed a hundred warriors. And Yazid bin Mu'awiyah, the son of the founder of the Umayyad state. His army consisted of thirty thousand soldiers under the command of Omar bin Saad.


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Crimson Phoenix by John Gilstrap

Crimson Phoenix by John GilstrapEnter for your chance to win a copy of CRIMSON PHOENIX by John Gilstrap!

When nuclear war transforms America from a land of luxury to a nearly uninhabitable wasteland, one woman--congresswoman Victoria Emerson--becomes a beacon of guidance to desperate citizens...

Victoria Emerson is a congressional member of the U. S. House of Representatives for the state of West Virginia. Her aspirations have always been to help her community and to avoid the ambitious power plays of her peers in Washington, D.C. Then Major Joseph McCrea appears on her doorstep and uses the code phrase Crimson Phoenix, meaning this is not a drill. The United States is on the verge of nuclear war. Victoria must accompany McCrea to a secure bunker. She cannot bring her family.

A single mother, Victoria refuses to abandon her teenage sons. Denied entry to the bunker, they nonetheless survive the nuclear onslaught that devastates the country. The land is nearly uninhabitable. Electronics have been rendered useless. Food is scarce. Millions of scared and ailing people await aid from a government that is unable to regroup, much less organize a rescue from the chaos.

Victoria devotes herself to reestablishing order--only to encounter the harsh realities required of a leader dealing with desperate people...


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Meeting Yama by Manoj V. Jain

Meeting Yama by Manoj V. JainMeeting Yama is the saga of death. It's the duality of life and the afterlife, Good and bad, wrong and right. It is the epitome of balance. Enter the giveaway and get a chance to win a copy of Meeting Yama NOW!


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Courage Under Fire by Lindsay McKenna

Courage Under Fire by Lindsay McKennaEnter for your chance to win a copy of COURAGE UNDER FIRE by Lindsay McKenna!

Seeking an escape from her dark past, Carissa Taylor heads to Silver Creek to build a new life. For Cari, landing a job at a historic ranch just outside town is a dream come true, and a chance to put her beekeeping expertise to work. Not only does she feel at home in the ruggedly beautiful landscape, but she's intensely drawn to rancher Chase Bishop, whose strong, steadfast nature quiets her unease. Maybe here she can finally be more than a hunted woman fleeing a vengeful killer--a man who's been after her nearly all her life...

Chase didn't dare open his heart again after losing his first love. Until Cari entered his life. Her gentle beauty and nurturing spirit call to him like no other. So when her enraged stepbrother breaks out of prison and comes prowling around Chase's ranch, the former Marine goes into full protective mode, offering Cari the shelter of his home. But as the murderer's deadly threats draw ever closer, suddenly Chase is calling on his own killer instincts, knowing he will stop at nothing to keep safe the woman who has captured his soul...


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El Tercer Pais by Michael S. Malone

El Tercer Pais by Michael S. Malone“A fascinating look at the history and future of this mega-region binding Mexico and the United States.”—Earl Anthony Wayne, US Ambassador to Mexico (2011–2015)

Two of the most important cities in North America are so physically close they would touch were they not separated by a wall at the US-Mexico border. That border has been a flashpoint of contention for centuries. And yet, the untold reality in San Diego and Tijuana is that tens of thousands of people cross through that wall in both directions—lawfully—each day, to work, go to school, socialize, and visit “the other side of town.” While fights over undocumented immigration and drug trafficking continue in their respective countries, the citizens of these two cities have built a separate peace unmatched anywhere else in the world.

El Tercer País tells the story of Tijuana and San Diego for the first time—an unforgettable tale of war and peaceful cooperation, dependency and shared destiny, exploitation and amity. Most of all, it tells the stories of forward-thinking individuals on both sides of the border who have brought the cities together for their mutual benefit. Th is enthralling narrative gives hope for a universal solution to one of this century’s most pressing challenges and offers valuable lessons to nations everywhere about creating cross-border, binational partnerships.


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Surrender by Marylee MacDonald

Surrender by Marylee MacDonaldEnter for a chance to win one of 100 Kindle copies of SURRENDER: A Memoir of Nature, Nurture, and Love by author Marylee MacDonald.

"A touching personal account of a journey to understanding and acceptance; informative and unsettling."--Kirkus Review

"Proud and introspective, ...a gripping and defiant memoir about personal identity and motherhood."--Clarion Review

"...should be in any family issues collection and on the reading list of anyone interested in the lasting impact of an adoption choice and process on everyone involved."--Diane Donovan for Midwest Book Reviews

"...psychologically rich and emotionally moving."--Ruffina Osario for Readers' Favorites


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The 50/50 Friendship Flow by Shari Leid

The 50/50 Friendship Flow by Shari LeidA Simple and Uplifting Way to Deepen Your Friendships

We all have friendships that we have maintained over the years. But now more than ever it’s easy to lose connection with those who you care about—and the uncomfortable feeling of being disconnected from our friends is all too common.

The 50/50 Friendship Flow offers a conscious path to not simply maintain friendships, but to deepen those relationships to support connection and bring joy and a sense of purpose to both of you.

As you read The 50/50 Friendship Flow you will discover

That everyone you meet is both your teacher and your student

A feeling of wellbeing and happiness as you deepen your friendships

The power of the one-on-one meeting

The purpose and impact that each person brings into your life

The 50/50 Friendship Flow encourages each of us to give one another the gift of time. It reveals the power of sitting down one-on-one with a friend for the sole purpose of letting her know the positive impact that she has made in your life


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The Suck by Jonathan Yanez

The Suck by Jonathan YanezSupernatural meets The Boys.

Hemroid commercials or monster hunting?

He’s your average, struggling LA model just trying to book his next gig. When John finds out the supernatural live among us, it's game on.

Sign twirling and rideshare driving while waiting for his next casting call soon take a back seat to hunting the supernatural for a pretty penny.

But not all is as straight forward as it may seem. There are those close to John who are more than they're letting on and that spells trouble for our reluctant hero, big trouble.

For fans of Larry Correia's Monster Hunters International, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, and M.D. Massey's Junkyard Druid comes your next romp in the graveyard.


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Five More Pixs by Muriel Tronc

Five More Pixs by Muriel TroncYou never really know someone you've never met IRL!

Enter for a chance to win one of 100 eBook copies of FIVE MORE PIXS by Muriel Tronc, awarded First Place in the Young Adult category for the 2020 Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-book Awards!

"A superb dramatization of timely teen issues that will educate readers of all ages." -Kirkus Reviews

Meet Jane, Caitlin, Sofia and their online friends.

Jane is devastated when her best friend Kate is admitted to the hospital after a suicide attempt. But while she struggles with her friend’s coma, she also meets Kate’s cousin online and falls head over heels for the mysterious young man.

Caitlin desperately embraces anorexia after her father’s deadly car accident. Online, she meets Sara, via an app centered around eating disorders, the first person to finally understand what she’s going through.

Sofia has decided to learn French to impress her big sister who’s moved to France. She joins an app to find pen pals and meets the ideal gay best friend any girl would dream to have.

With social media accounts at the heart of the lives of the three Californian teenagers, they seek human connections at a time when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand them. They’ll find support, friendship and love in messages received on their phones. They’ll share their most hidden secrets with their new best friend. They’ll send their intimate pictures to their first love.

They’ll find out you really never know someone you’ve never met IRL.


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Enemy Glory by Karen Michalson

Enemy Glory by Karen MichalsonEnter for a chance to win a copy of Book 1 of the Enemy Glory trilogy.

Beauty knows no laws. Neither does justice.

"Then live and be damned.” Llewelyn is a brilliant young evil magician who is dying in extreme agony at the foot of his arch-enemy, the good and lawful King Walworth of Threle. Enemy Glory is Llewelyn’s astonishing deathbed confession, his alarmingly passionate and strangely lyrical account of his heartbreaking decision to embrace evil, told with wry humor and trenchant irony against an epic backdrop of magic, the gods, betrayed friendship, unrequited love, war, and the rise and fall of empires.

What if you had to destroy everything you ever loved or suffer eternal damnation? Enter the dark.


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One Step Further by Katherine G. Johnson

One Step Further by Katherine G. JohnsonEnter to win a copy of One Step Further by Katherine Johnson, Joylette Hylick and Kathrine Moore.

This inspirational picture book reveals what is was like for a young black mother of three to navigate the difficult world of the 1950s and 60s and to succeed in an unwelcoming industry to become one of the now legendary "hidden figures" of NASA computing and space research.

Johnson's own empowering narrative is complemented by the recollections of her two daughters about their mother's work and insights about how she illuminated their paths, including one daughter's fight for civil rights and another's journey to become a NASA mathematician herself. The narrative gracefully weaves together Johnson's personal story, her influence on her daughters' formative years, her and her daughters' fight for civil rights, and her lasting impact on NASA and space exploration. Filled with personal reflections, exclusive family archival photos, and striking illustrations, readers will be immersed in this deeply personal portrayal of female empowerment, women in STEM, and the breaking down of race barriers across generations. Historical notes, photo/illustration notes, and a time line put the story into historical and modern-day context.


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